Nikki Jade Surf Art gallery

Surf Art is the roots of NikkiJade Creations entire collective. After wearing the brunt of a car accident in early 2015, she received her life altering diagnosis CRPS not long after, spending many years retraining her limbs to function through neuro science therapies, she used her time to focus on teaching herself to draw. Surfboards were her starting place, upon CRPS, she lost the ability to get in the water, this was a crippling journey for her so she turned to the boards themselves for inspiration. Turning art therapy into an artistry career, she is now here. 

  • She has attended 2 Surf art exhibitions held on the SunshineCoast, By Owen Surf Art. 
  • She has featured as a live artists around the Sunshine Coast, drawing surf art whilst events are on.

She still designs surf art, but as her craft expands she has broadened her horizons and delved into many avenues as an aspiring artist in Australia.



Occupy energyShakkaTurtle ray Hypnotic Whale combination

BalanceDragonfly dreaming Oceanic vibesWild elephantPaisley pattern of peacePhoenix risingDreamer